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3.17sYou don't have to stay with a man who treats you that way.
1.63sOh, Jeff's sweet.
2.87sYou don't see how soft and gentle he hits me when we're alone.
1.33sDo you hear yourself?
2.03sHe shouldn't be hitting you at all.
2.48sI don't think you understand how serious a matter...
1.37s- Close your menu. - What?
1.87sClose your menu, so they know we're ready to order.
1.59sI'll give you another moment.
1.12sGod damn it.
2.27sI'm sorry. Oh, shoot.
2.2sSee, this is why Jeff corrects me all the time.
1.47sCorrects you?
2.24sBrenda, he's not correcting you, he's beating you.
4.05sWell, I can see why you'd think that 'cause of the punches and all, but,
2.87sit's just that Jeff's been so angry about immigrants.
2.75sWhat? It'll be better when he gets back to work.
2.2sOur relationship is just complicated, that's all.