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1.93sOh, it's not so bad.
1.73sWe'll be staying with the Flanderses.
2.16sAnd, Rev, youll be bunking with me.
1.66sOh, boy.
2.8sf K ISS f w' Tonight]
3.83sj i wannajust iay it at your feety
2.94sw' Cause, giri, i was made for you]
3.49sj Giri, you were made for me]
1.7sOoh, I love this song!
3.66sJ l was made for loving you, baby;
3.44sJ You were made for loving me;
3.73sJ I cant get enough of you, baby-N
0sf Needle Scratches Record]
2.26sThere's a bunch of people in the Community Outreach Center.
2.37sWell, we'll just see about that!
2.26sIf it werent for Alcoholics Anonymous...
3.2sI'd still be sucking the juice out of glow sticks.
1.87sI’ve been there.
2.63sI am so sorry for all your horrible problems.
1.97sBut this is our dog's room now.