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1.6sThey cured me five times!
2.24sMy drinking problem is out of control.
2.89sAt Oktoberfest, all I could think about was beer.
4.44sI couldn't even celebrate the harvest!
2.79sI can't talk to my wife for 28 days?
1.82sSir, she is not an alcoholic.
1.47sYou can't put me on hold!
1.37sI'll put you on hold!
7.71sI am a lineman for the county Your call is important to us. Please continue to hold.
6.24sAnd I drive the main road There are eight calls ahead of you.
15.48sAnd the Wichita lineman is still on the (VOCALIZING) line Dad, I still have a couple of questions about this.
1.97sMom never drives drunk.
2.12sAnd the crash was in your car.
2.92sAlso, the driver's seat was adjusted for your stomach.