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3sAnd the nerds have emerged from their basements,
4.5swearing strange costumes to shield their pasty skin from the moonlight.
5.47sSimpsons, your lack of costumes ill befits line positions two, three and four.
1.57sWhere's your costume?
1.72sYour ignorance is amusing and sad.
5.25sI am dressed in the actual clothing worn by Cosmic Wars creator Randall Curtis.
1.3sI bought them at auction,
3.49sthen added pregnancy panels to fit my unique body type.
1.8sOne ticket for the space show.
4.74sI want to see if any of them aliens match up to the one I got in my root cellar.
1.53sOne ticket for Cosmic Wars.
3.52sUh, sir, this is the line for The Momentum of Things,
2.03sstarring Ellen Burstyn and Jim Broadbent.
3.14sOh, man! I waited three weeks at the wrong ticket window!
1.38sMAN: Oh, boy...
3.34sMan, even I think movie popcorn has gotten too big.
1.87sOw! Get your own, mooch!
1.73sJEFF: Yes! Finally.