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2.5show am I gonna throw the meatballs at the screen?
4.39sBut first, I gotta pose for a pizza box.
6.02sThe decision is final. Tabled this motion is. Or is it?
1.67sThat sucked!
3.6sI can't believe The Gathering Shadow was senate redistricting.
5.59sWorst Cosmic Wars ever! I will only see it three more times today.
1.2sThat's it!
2.1sFrom now on, I'm not looking forward to anything!
1.23sOh, my God!
2.4sTomorrow, there's a two-for-one sale on piano benches!
1.17sI can't wait!
2.07sOoh, ooh, ooh!
2.23sI feel so ripped off by that crappy movie.
1.63sI'm gonna chip a big hole in the floor.
1.88sKids, why don't you write a complaint letter?
3.47sThat's how I got the Channel 6 weather girl to start wearing a bra.
1.17sThat was you?
2.9sA letter, huh? Okay, Lise. Get this down.
1.97s"Dear Randall Curtis,