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2.4sWashin' my "fat guy" hat, honey.
3.9sWe now return to Search for the Sun.
2.44sAccordin' to Daddy's will,
2.94sI inherit the entire plantation.
3.1sI'll see to it you don't get apricot one.
2.8sUh, what's your dad's job again?
2.47sHe's a nuclear-safety technician.
2.33sWhat's he doin' with that broom?
2.27sUh, what isn't he doing?
3.75sI heard that guy's ass has its own congressman.
3.64sHey! Leave my dad alone.
2.62sjust because he's overweight doesn't mean he's bad.
2.9sHe's a sweet man, and he has real feelings.
1.87sWhat are you kids lookin' at?
2.45sHey, look. He's tryin' to get up to yell at us.
2.1sDon't make me close that shade!
1.84sHey, Homer.
2.39sYou promised Mom you wouldn't wear your dress outside.
2.1sNuts to that. I'm goin' to the movies.