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2.25sWhat's the connection? Must be the nonstop sitting and snacking.
3.57sWell, sir. Many of our clients find pants confining,
3.59sso we offer a range of alternatives for the ample gentleman.
2.74sPonchos, muumuus, capes, jumpsuits,
3.97sunisheets, muslin body rolls, academic and judicial robes.
3.1sI don't wanna look like a weirdo. I'll just go with a muumuu.
2.37sArnie Pie in the Sky with the morning commute.
2.17sTraffic this morning is as bad as it gets.
1.73sDue to a fire at the army testing lab,
3.64sa bunch of escaped, infected monkeys are roaming the expressway.
2.55sDespite the sweltering heat, don't unroll your windows,
3.24s'cause those monkeys seem confused and irritable.
3.94sHee-hee-hee! I pity those poor suckers on the freeway.