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3.92sHey, I've always had an interest in art, dating back to my schoolgirl days...
3.34swhen I painted portrait after portrait of Ringo Starr.
2.4sThat's my life you're describing!
3.59sI think I remember my own life, Marge.
4.5sAstrid said the key to my art is anger. But you know me. I'm Mr. Mellow.
3.1sSo I'm giving you kids permission to get me mad.
1.95sCome on. Give me what you got.
1.39sWell, if it'll help.
3.72sUh, Mom found out her engagement ring is made of rock candy.
3.89sGood work, honey. Keep it coming.
3.19sWell, I'm flunking math, and the other day I was a little attracted to Milhouse.
1.68sMoe, this is Astrid, my dealer.
4.4sAnd these are my fans: Gunter, Kyoto and Cecil Hampstead-on-Cecil-Cecil.
2.5sSo, uh, you guys are Eurotrash, huh?
2.17sHow's that working out for you?
3.25sEh, to be honest, we are adrift in a sea...