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2.64sor something to get the lock off my toolbox.
2.1sAisle one, next to the cat poison.
4.77sEdna, look. A dimmer switch could ratchet up the romance in our love nest.
2.64sYou mean the janitor's closet? Ha!
1.98sWhat's the matter, Edna?
2.69sLately you just say, "Ha!" to everything.
2.27sI want a baby now!
3.57sWhy don't we continue this in Pool Supplies?
2.69sHi, I'm Doug Vaccaro.
4.85sYou know me as Chip, the wisecracking assistant on the hit sitcom Toolin' Around.
2.65sA man in an apron!
3.94sBut today I'm here as a "tool" of Global Dynamics Corp.
2.08sYou know, installing your own barbecue pit...