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3.24sAll right, Bart ! That's it ! Go to your room now !
2.37sOkay. I'll take some white meat and stuffing to go,
2.13sand send up the pumpkin pie in about 20 minutes.
2.74sI said now ! Mom, do I have to ?
3.6sYes, you do ! I hope you're happy, Bart !
2.1sYou've ruined Thanksgiving !
2.84sI didn't ruin Thanksgiving. She did. Bunch of jerks.
1.94sI always get blamed for everything.
3.79sAnd, Lord, we're especially thankful for nuclear power,
2.74sthe cleanest, safest energy source there is,
2.32sexcept for solar, which is just a pipe dream.
3.52sAnyway, we'd like to thank You for the occasional moments...