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2.9sjust stick it in the refrigerator when you're done, Bart.
3.5sBart ?
2.57sSee, Maggie ? Those silver and blue guys...
1.97sare the Dallas Cowboys.
2.1sThey're Daddy's favorite team,
3.77sand he wants 'em to lose by less than five and a half points, understand ?
3.47sOh, Kogen's got Wolodarsky open way downfield, and it's complete !
1.63sOoh, what a hit !
1.5sOh, yeah, he's out cold, Gil.
3.3sYes, sir. Looks like they'll be feeding him Thanksgiving dinner through a tube.
1.84sHope they can fit a turkey in there.
2.84sGet on with it, Gil. Homer, shouldn't you go pick up Grampa ?
1.97sHalftime, Marge. Halftime !
2.17sDing-dong ! Here comes the cavalry.
0.32sDoh !
2.17sHomer, you promised to be nice to my sisters.
2.07sI know. I will.
0.57sYou brought food.
2.17sjust a few things.
3.14s- Swedish meatballs. - Mm-hmm, and my trout almondine.