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1.94sand sent him to his room...
3.24sand tried to force him to apologize to his sister.
3.97sAnd... I said he ruined Thanksgiving.
3.04sOh. I see.
3.19sBest Thanksgiving ever, eh, boy ?
2.77sGood-bye. Sorry. I'm sure Bart will be back.
4.74sI would say something comforting, but, you know, my voice.
2.75sLet's go ! If I'm not back at the home by 9:00,
3.6sthey declare me legally dead and collect my insurance !
3.04sHomer, this is a terrible thing that's happened.
3.32sBut we can't blame ourselves. We can and will !
4.14sChildren need discipline. You can ask any syndicated advice columnist.
2.3sMarge, are we ever gonna see him again ?
3.74sHmm. Should I or shouldn't I ?
2.85sHey, everybody, I'm home. Bart, you're home !