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2.23sNo! Stop! I hate this!
2.97sWell, Christmas doesn't revolve around what you hate, son.
1.26sWell, then I hate Christmas!
1.37sEnjoy being human!
1.63sYou guys are gross and lame.
2.09sMy name's Reuben Ridley.
3.06sYou're inside me right now, but by the end ofthis journey...
2.26sANIMATRONIC REUBEN: I'll be inside all of you.
4.37sMy story begins during the dot-com crash in the early '90s.
2.13sYou can put your fingers wherever you want.
1.93sRICK: Marty, you want to put it on mute or something?
1.33sI'm -- I'm trying to concentrate.
1.26sNot now, Jerry.
1.66sI've got much, much smaller fish to fry.
1.76sI wanted to say I'm sorry I everjudged you.
2.16sRight now, you're my sanest relative.
1.16sR-relative size!
1.73sJerry, hand me a scalpel and a bundle of dynamite.
1.26sMarty, can you get to the left nipple?
1.23sAre you kidding?