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0.93sI don't have my phone!
1.47sI'm doing a human holiday!
2.73sWell, did you even consider how that might make me feel?!
1.19sHow you feel?!
2.26sWhy is everything always happening to you?!
1.87sSummer, do you have a boyfriend?
1.43sYeah, do you, Summer?
0.83sI don't know, Ethan.
1.13sDo I?!
4.77sJerry, no disrespect, but you really need to connect more with your family, man.
3.13sI should be able to access the backup generator to get the growth ray online.
1.97sIf it works, we'll be regular-sized in a few minutes.
3.1sI just hope Reuben's not in a room with white carpets or upholstery.
1.43sWhat the hell is that?
1.13sThe Sphincter Dam.
1.76sWe built it when Reuben became incontinent,
2.8sbut it was not designed to hold a corpse load.
0.93sI've almost got it.
1.76sEverybody, move inside the circle.
1.23sWhat is this in your backpack?
2.26sThat's Bubonic plague!
1.43sWhat are you doing with that, Poncho?