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1.33sWe don't whitewash it, either, Marty,
1.52sI mean, the pirates are really rapey.
2.83sThe top priority is to get, you know, you guys out ofthere,
2.06sbut I'm just saying, ifthat becomes impossible, please,
1.52syou gotta treat yourself.
0.99sOh, man.
1.73sW-w-w-what is that horrible smell?
1.16sYou mean the Panda Express?
1.66sKidding. l-l'm kidding.
3.27sThe body is beginning to constrict and fill with gas.
1.66sWe're inside a corpse, my boy,
2.06sAnatomy Park is doomed.
1.23sForget about the park, doctor!
1.13sHow do we get out?
2.03sThe digestive tract is the evacuation route.
1.43sGet it?
3.6sThere's an emergency station in the colon with a ray that can enlarge us all.
1.4sEverybody, head for the colon!
3.06sNow I'm taking orders from a 12-year-old boy?
4.66sMarty, the scar sacs containing the tuberculosis were sabotaged.
2.06sThis disaster was an inside job.