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0.97sHey, Dad, where's Marty?
1.02sHe's busy.
2.36sMarty, can you hear me?
0.83sHead north.
0.97sRick, where am I?
1.59sDepending on my aim,
1.4syou should be just south of the entrance.
1.3sMORTY: Entrance to what?
1.13sWelcome, Marty,
0.83s Anatomy Park!
5.53sIt's a little business venture I've been cooking up on the side with Dr. Bloom -- an amusement park inside a human body.
1.99sScience isn't ch-- cheap, Morty.
1.7sThis should really help put a dent in the overhead.
1.06sOh, my God!
1.3sThis is insane!
1.37sSpleen Mountain?
1.7sBladder Falls? Pirates ofthe Pancreas?
1.06sRICK: You got a problem with that last one, Marty?
1.66sHuh? No, no.
1.37sI'm just reading 'em out loud in the order that I'm seeing 'em.
0.93sRICK: Okay. All right.
1.33sIf I sounded a little defensive,
1.87sit's because Pirates ofthe Pancreas was my baby.
1.23sYou know, I got --
1.56sI got a lot of pushback when I pitched it, Marty,
1.37sI guess I'm still a little defensive.
1.4sLet'sjust find Dr. Bloom, all right?
1.8sI-I'm picking up a distress signal in the liver, Marty,
1.8sProceed to the liver.