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1.83sand how do we spend the rest of it?
1.66sWhat are we going to be when we die --
5.26sA list of fears and questions or a collection of real experiences?
2.13sHoly crap. Joyce, that's amazing.
2.16sThen Jacob came into our lives,
2.2sand...we're learning to live again.
0.99sAll three of us,
1.16sNow we are talking!
1.83sThis man's got the apron and the eggnog, huh?
1.23sHi, Joyce. Leonard.
0.86sHello, there.
0.9sMerry Christmas, man.
1.09sMarty, a moment of your time?
0.97sHe's in bad shape, Marty,
1.06sAw, geez, Rick. What'd you do?
1.02sGee, thanks, Morty.
1.66sW-w-what kind of monster do you think I am?
1.83sl-l-l'm sitting here trying to save the guy's life.
0.99sI need your help.
2.03sI want you to find Dr. Xenon Bloom.
1.13sHe'll know what's going on.
2.66sUh, w-w-w-where -- where do I find Dr. Bloom?