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1.26swe asked ourselves over here,
1.93s"Okay, what does a pancreas do?"
2.59sand the answer was, "Does it make pirates?"
2.06sNo, it makes insulin, you know?
1.66sSo, we're starting with a new --
2.43sThose guys are inside me, huh?
1.63sLike, building a park?
1.97sThose guys are inside you building a piece of shit, Ethan!
1.73sThey're inside you building a monument to compromise!
1.63sFuck 'em.
0.97sFuck those people.
2.59sFuck this whole thing, Ethan.
0.83sAnd who pays me?
1.33sDid you get any ofthat?
1.83sIt's a good-a show!