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1.09sNo, we didn't, Dad.
1.83sNo, we didn't.
1.33sRICK: Too bad about Dr. Bloom.
1.19sHe was a genius --
2.23sthe only man capable of creating a new Anatomy Park.
2.56sActually, I studied Dr. Bloom's work.
4sl-l-l-l believe I have the knowledge necessary to create an entirely new, much safer park.
0.97sWhat about...
1.3sPirates of the Pancreas?
2.43sI think it was one ofthe most underrated attractions.
2.53sBoo-yah! Hold your breath.
2.06sHey, w-w-what the hell, Rick?!
1.97sWhat the hell, man! I liked her!
1.87sI really had something going there, Rick!
1.3sYeah, so I heard.
1.66syou dodged a bullet, Marty -- trust me.
1.7sPuffy vagina.
1.3sW-what's wrong with that?
1.47sThat doesn't sound like a problem to me.
1.16sI don't know.
1.09sCome on, let's get some stuffing.
1.37sI'm starving.
1.33sOh, unbelievable.
2.33sWe got -- we got a bunch of robot, computer people,
2.66ssitting around with their faces stuffed into computer screens.
2.06sDo you guys realize that Christ was born today?
3.44sJesus Christ, our savior, was born today.
1.63sAre -- are -- are you people even human?
1.97sWhat kind of Christmas is this?