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1.37sJerry doesn't know what he's missing.
1.4sHe'll come around, Beth.
1.47sChristmas is a special time.
2.06sIt has funny ways of bringing families together.
1.37sI don't know, Jacob.
3.06sJerry got an invitation to be alive today, and he rejected it.
2.43sI don't know if our marriage will...
1.06sIt's raining blood!
1.16sOh, shit. Find Jerry.
0.93sOh, God.
1.73sJerry! It's all right.
1.97sThe TV says there's nothing to worry about.
2.83sThe giant, naked sky Santa has exploded,
3.46sBiooo’ and chunks of viscera are raining down on the country,
1.9sEverything should be fine.
0.99sOh, yes.
1.33sDad, can I have my phone back?
1.4sA sure, sweetie. Here.
2.37sEverybody, take a device.