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0.97sYou think you know a guy.
1.09sOkay, there's my parents.
2.76sNow, remember -- no TV, no phones, no laptops.
1.76sWe are connecting this Christmas,
2.4slike old-school Jews on a Saturday.
1.09sHey, hey!
1.16sMerry Christmas, son.
1.43sUh, hi.
0.9sCan I help you?
1.26sJerry, this is Jacob.
1.16sDidn't you get our text message?
0.97sTOGETHER: No!
1.09sYou must be Jerry.
1.33sThat's a fine-looking apron.
1.23sI wish!
1.16sBut thank you.
2.06sSo, you're a,,, friend ofthe family?
3.09sUh, the way we see it, he's a part ofthe family.
2.8sAfter your father's brush with cancer and losing your uncle,
3.3swe looked at life and wondered, how have we spent it,
1.83sand how do we spend the rest of it?
1.66sWhat are we going to be when we die --
5.26sA list of fears and questions or a collection of real experiences?
2.13sHoly crap. Joyce, that's amazing.
2.16sThen Jacob came into our lives,
2.2sand...we're learning to live again.
0.99sAll three of us,