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3.7sWow. I wish you could hear how racist you sound right now.
2.77sCome on. Can't you give that giraffe at home another chance?
1.3sYou know, for every one they sell,
1.77sthey save a giraffe in the wild.
5.46s(GUNS FIRING) Sorry, giraffes! They only bought one!
2.2sNah, they returned it!
2.22sAnd so Lois sweet-talks her way backstage.
2.69sNext thing you know, we're partying all night with the trapeze people!
1.65sOne of them drives a Volvo!
2.5sDrives a super-safe car, does that for a living!
6.94sGo figure! (BOTH LAUGHING) So what? She can name a kind of car. Big whoop. I can do that, too.
1.23sVikki Carr.
1.6sPeter, relax.
2.14sIt just happens that your wife has some funny stories, that's all.
1.98sWell, I got some funny stories.
4.1sI knew a guy who choked on an almond. And he had a stroke.
5.6sNow he can't take care of his own bathroom needs. (LAUGHING) That's not funny. That sounds sad.
1.5sYeah, I feel bad for him.
2.33sOh, don't feel bad for him. He got his name in the paper.