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2.97sI again apologize for what I said about Moroccans.
6.11sBut today's breaking news is that the New England Toy and Game Company has issued an immediate recall of all of its stuffed bears,
1.43slike the one shown here.
4.27sThe bear's eyes can become easily detached and pose a potential choking hazard.
2.77sOh, my God, that's the same teddy bear Stewie has.
2.14sWe got to send that thing back right away.
2.9sBoy, I wonder if there's anything more on Channel Two about this.
2.97sOur top story, Channel Five news anchor, Tom Tucker,
2.7shas a meltdown at a local comedy club.
4.05sLook at you, you fat, gross Moroccans with your ooga-booga food.
6.27s(BOTH MOANING) Oh, my God, that was amazing. I'm gonna have to crawl to the bathroom.
1.7sYeah, that was incredible.
3.24sIt was the first time I had an orgasm out the front and back.
3.17sGod, Peter, this voice of yours is really something.
1.83sOh, I can't get enough of it.
1.62sYeah, it's been pretty great.
3.42sYou know, I even won a deep voice contest with Joe yesterday.