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1.97sbut don't go giving them stupid new nicknames.
3.5sWhat are you talking about? I didn't steal your friends, Peter.
2.14sI'm only doing what you asked me to do.
3.17sNo, I asked you to take my place at the bowling tournament, that's it!
5.07sLook, Lois, I have my friends, and you have groceries and all those rusty pink razors in the shower.
3.17sNow just stick to what's intended for you and leave my things to me.
3.64sAre you saying you want me to stop hanging out with Joe and Quagmire?
2.14sThey're my friends. They're all I got!
2.4sAnd you know how hard it is for me to make new friends.
2.07sIs this friends?
2.8sStewie, we're never gonna find him. They're all exactly the same.
3.7sWow. I wish you could hear how racist you sound right now.
2.77sCome on. Can't you give that giraffe at home another chance?
1.3sYou know, for every one they sell,
1.77sthey save a giraffe in the wild.
5.46s(GUNS FIRING) Sorry, giraffes! They only bought one!