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1.18sOh, hey, Peter!
1.13sOh, hey.
1.47sDid you have fun at the game?
1.47sOh, yeah, it was so exciting.
2.3sThey scored the winning hit right at the buzzer.
1.23sI'm sorry you missed it.
1.5sYeah, no, that's okay.
2.37sI've just been hanging out here having a great time with...
1.27s- Meg? - Hey.
2.37sI thought you was a bag of peeling potatoes.
3.37sWell, maybe next time you can come with us when we go to Red Sock Field.
1.57sNobody calls it that.
2.84sQuags and Swanny were so funny yelling things at the visitors.
1.3sQuags and Swanny?
1.67sLois, it's one thing to steal my friends,
1.97sbut don't go giving them stupid new nicknames.
3.5sWhat are you talking about? I didn't steal your friends, Peter.
2.14sI'm only doing what you asked me to do.