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3.17sDoctor said I'd be making bland jokes for about a week, then I'd be good as new.
1.27sThat's good to hear.
1.97sWell, we were just on our way up to Fenway.
1.73sYou got tickets? That's sweet.
3.84sYou know, there's no better outing than watching nine innings.
2.1s(CLEARS THROAT) Sorry, I'll perk up at the game.
2.33sOh, well, actually, we only have three tickets,
1.33sand we're going with Lois.
1.48sWith Lois?
2.3sOh, yeah, we've actually been having a great time with her.
1.8sAnd she's quite a bowler, too.
1.33sIs that all right, Peter?
2.03sDo you mind if I go to the game with the guys?
3.24sYeah, no, that's fine. I mean, yeah, you only got three tickets.
1.63sI mean, that's cool. Have fun.
1.53sOkay, we'll see you later.
4.59s(SIGHS) Hey, Horace, why don't you take that wiener out of your hand and get me a beer.
2.27sDon't talk to me that way, you son of a bitch!
1.18sOh, hey, Peter!
1.13sOh, hey.
1.47sDid you have fun at the game?
1.47sOh, yeah, it was so exciting.