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2.82s(CHUCKLES) Lois, you're always giving me the business.
5.16s(ALL LAUGHING) Hey, I meant to tell you guys. We shot some drug dealer this morning,
2.97sand he had three Red Sox tickets in his pocket.
1.13sThat's awesome!
2.07sOh, this'll be so fun!
1.47sYou know, if we leave right now,
2.33swe can probably still get there before the first pitch.
1.17sHey, you guys.
1.13sOh, hey, Peter. How's it going?
2.4sPeter, it's so good to see you up and around!
1.34sYeah, how ya feeling?
1.27sI'm feeling shipshape.
2.1sIf the ship is the S.S. Minnow.
3.17sDoctor said I'd be making bland jokes for about a week, then I'd be good as new.
1.27sThat's good to hear.
1.97sWell, we were just on our way up to Fenway.
1.73sYou got tickets? That's sweet.
3.84sYou know, there's no better outing than watching nine innings.
2.1s(CLEARS THROAT) Sorry, I'll perk up at the game.
2.33sOh, well, actually, we only have three tickets,