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2.97sYeah! We did it!
2.6sOh, what's this? What's this? It says right here we won!
1.83sWe won, you dicks! You suck!
2.8sUm, excuse me, would you mind keeping it down?
1.69sWe're having my son's birthday party over here.
1.07sYeah, sure, sure, sure, honey.
1.63sWhat's his name? Mikey.
2.4sHappy fucking birthday, Mikey!
1.38sWell, this is great.
2.13sSo when you guys aren't celebrating a big bowling victory,
1.4swhat do you normally do here?
2.6sUh, well, sometimes we compare women.
1.8sTalk about who we'd rather have sex with.
2.4sOh, that sounds fun. How do you play?
1.47sWell, it's like, um...
2.77sOkay, who would you rather do, Kristen Stewart or Scarlett Johansson?
2.43sOh, definitely Scarlett Johansson.
1.43sFor one thing, there's the boobs,
1.77swhich Kristen Stewart does not have.
4.77sAlso, I get the sense that Kristen Stewart is more of a bath person when she really needs a shower.