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2.84sI had no control over what I did yesterday, Peter.
2.3sI mean, I'm glad you're feeling better,
3.6sbut, boy, that sick voice of yours was hot.
2.6sDamn it, this sucks, Brian. I was getting laid left and right.
2.4sYeah, sounds like being sick was really working for you.
1.7sWell, you know what I got to do?
2.74sI got to make myself sick again and get that voice back.
2.94sPeter, that might be the worst idea anyone has ever had.
1.37sWell, you're wrong there.
2.77sThe worst idea anyone ever had was silver bullets.
3.34sBarbara Liebowitz's husband just bought her a diamond broach.
1.63sYou know how he afforded that?
1.2sHe uses regular bullets.
2.1sHe uses regular bullets.
1.35sMeg, have you seen Dad?
1.43sYeah, he's at the dentist.
1.43sHe's trying to get sick.