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2.97sPeter, come on, it's time to wake up. You got to get to work.
1.85s(DEEP VOICE) Ah, Lois, I ain't feeling good.
3.37sPeter, what happened to your voice? It's so deep.
1.3sI think I'm sick.
2.1sWell, you don't sound like yourself.
3.2sIn fact, you sound kind of hot.
2.34sI just threw up two chicken gyros out my nose.
1.4sThey're on your side of the bed.
2.37sOh, say that again.
5.5s(LAUGHING PLAYFULLY) But I want you to keep talking to me in that sexy voice while we do it.
1.57sOkay, great.
2.7sLet's pretend you're a tollbooth worker and I'm molesting you.
1.23sI don't have any change.
1.13sNow take off that parka.
1.2sUh, uh, uh.
4.17sYou're gonna have to pay a high toll if you want to get into this tunnel.
1.33sCome on, don't say stuff like that.
2.27sI want you to be scared, not make puns.