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3.17sGod, Peter, this voice of yours is really something.
1.83sOh, I can't get enough of it.
1.62sYeah, it's been pretty great.
3.42sYou know, I even won a deep voice contest with Joe yesterday.
1.98sI heard you coming. I made myself heard.
2.23sWhere have you come from? I've come from where I've been.
2.2sYou still riding with that mangy polecat Fletcher?
5.67sFletcher met the long arm of the law at the wrong end of a shotgun and the deep end of a grave at the far end of a dead-end road.
4.2s(JOLLY MUSIC PLAYING) Well, I should probably get going.
2.12sMe, Joe and Quagmire are going bowling again.
1.85sWe got a big tournament coming up next week.
1.53sWell, hurry back, handsome.
2.45sOh, Peter, this is so much fun.
2.67sI feel like I have a secret lover nobody else knows about.
1.87sJust like Carly Simon.
4.15sMs. Simon, enough years have gone by since you wrote your classic hit, You're So Vain.