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2.57sCome off!
2.62sAll right, you.
4.27sHey, when you're done with that, i got something up here you can bite on!
3.2sHey, why don't you be polite, you stinkin' pus bag!
3.17sPal, you gotta call that number on the boot.
3.97sSorry about that guy. They stick all the jerks in Tower One.
3.02sThat's it! I'm comin' over there! Why don't you come over here!
2.72s- I got something for you! - Shut up, the both of youse!
3.15sThank you for calling the Parking Violations Bureau.
2.87sTo plead "not guilty," press one now.
1.26sThank you.
1.93sYour plea has been-- Rejected.
2.75sYou will be assessed the full fine plus a small--
1.93sLarge lateness penalty.
2.97sPlease wait by your vehicle between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m...
2.8sfor parking officer Steve-- Grabowski.