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3.69shis name sounds good in your ear
12.78sbut when you say it you mustn't fear 'cause his name can be said by anyone Ah! Max Power! How's every little thing?
1.63sYou remembered my name!
3.69sWell, who could forget the name of a magnetic individual like you?
2.17sKeep up the good work, Max.
0.47sMr. Power.
2.67sYes, of course. Mr. Power.
4.44sSo I want the monogram to read M-A-X P-O-W--
3.8sSir, traditionally, a monogram is just initials.
1.72sMax Power doesn't abbreviate.
3.34sEach letter is as important as the one that preceded it.
3.4sMaybe more important. No, as important.
1.8sVery well.