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3.84sI was supervising the Guns for Toys program.
2.2sIt's Toys for Guns!
1.94sNow you tell me.
3.25sOh! Simpson!
4.87sHey, what's goin' on? That guy's not Homer Simpson. He's fat and stupid.
3.77sHey, looks like they changed the character into a bumbling sidekick.
2sNo. No, he can't be!
4sI know. Maybe he's just acting stupid to infiltrate a gang of international idiots.
2.4sYeah, th-that's gotta be it.
2.4sYou destroyed that drug shipment?
2.04sYes, indeedy!
0.53sThat was my insulin!
3.45sUh-oh, SpaghettiOs!
2.9sHey, Homer. That character is you all over.
3sCome on, Homer. Act all stupid, like you do on TV.
3.04sYeah, come on, dum-dum. Do something unintelligent there.
3.99sShut up! I'm not your clown! Don't diminish me!