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2sThey got me livin' with an African-American,
2.87sa Semite-American and a woman-American there!
2.04sAnd I'm glad! I love youse all!
3.89sI love everybody! I wish I'd saved my money from the first show.
4.19sOh, I can't wait. Look, Marge. I had a scorecard printed up...
1.5sat that all-night scorecard place.
2.54sIsn't mid-season just a dumping ground for second-rate shows...
2.14sthat weren't good enough for the fall schedule?
1.83sYou're thinking of all the other years.
2.27sThis year's shows are classics.
2.5sThere's The Laughter Family. That's animated.
3.47sNetworks like animation 'cause they don't have to pay the actors squat!
3.19sPlus they can replace them, and no one can tell the diddly-ifference.
3.02sAnd now mid-season kicks off with Admiral Baby.
3.32sWe're taking the entire 6th Fleet to Candy Island?
3.27sThose are the admiral's orders.
3.82sIt's hard to believe someone that young could have risen to the rank of admiral.
3.14sI never thought I'd say this about a TV show,