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2sbut these people are nuts.
2.83sYou can't blame them for having a social conscience.
3.14sSure you can. Bunch of no-good do-gooders.
3.8sHang in there, Max. Saving the environment is a hard, grueling job.
3.9sThat's what I'm saying. See, Marge? This guy gets it.
2.27sAll right. What's going on here?
4.27sWe can't allow you to destroy these beautiful trees, which have the same rights you have.
3.17sMan, I have really had it with you tree huggers.
1.95sTree huggers.
2.07s- Something funny, nature boy? - No.
3.7sI just thought it was cute when you called him-- All right, Max Power.
2.6sEddie, swab this joker's eyes with Mace.
2.17s"swab"? I thought it was a spray.
0.53sOkay. She's second.
2.84sDon't give 'em the satisfaction of screaming, Max.
1.82sIt'll only burn for--
0.66sHey, hold still.
1.76sKeep running, Max.
2.17sI can't lose him!