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3.65sI know you don't think you're good enough for me, but believe me, you are.
2sHell, I've done it with pigs.
2.17sReal no-foolin' pigs.
2.22sAre you sure it's a federal law...
2.22sthat I have to dance with you?
3.62sYou know, I'd change that law if I could, Marge, but I can't.
2.57sAw, shoot.
2.49sQuebec's got the bomb.
3sWell, I gotta go, but, look, if you're ever near the White House,
2sthere's a toolshed out back.
3.57sI'm in there most of the day.
2.18sAttention, please. Attention.
3sUm, I just wanna say how thrilled I am with this turnout.
3.7sI'm proud to share my home with Springfield's best and brightest.
1.7sHey, no problem!
3.19sWe've all been blessed with privilege and success.