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2.32sOur demands are very reasonable.
3.4sBy ignoring them, you're selling out these children's futures.
3.59sOh, come on, Edna! We both know these children have no future!
4.84sProve me wrong, kids. Prove me wrong.
2.9sI've never seen them fight like that. I'm worried that all this posturing...
2.17sand saber rattling could lead to a teachers' strike.
2.32sStrike, eh?
3.44sOw! My bones are so brittle.
4.67sBut I always drink plenty of-- "Malk"?
2.77sHow do you expect us to teach with these supplies?
2.42sThis pointer's so old, it's worn down to a nub.
0.65sIt still points, doesn't it?
2.09sStop that.
2.7sAnd look at this. The only books we have are ones...
2.9sthat were banned by other schools.
3.34sWell, the kids have to learn about Tek War sooner or later.
3.5sGo away, Bart. This is not a good time.