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2.87sAt this rate, I probably won't even get into Vassar.
3.85sI've had just about enough of your Vassar bashing, young lady!
3.22sLook, Mom, it feels really weird having you on my turf.
2.03sHow would you feel if I started mopping the floor?
2.5s- I'd be thrilled. You can start right now. - Oh!
3.4sAnd I'm gonna keep teaching your class, like it or lump it.
2.74sWell, then, I guess I'll just have to...
3.14sget into the crawl space again.
2sI hate it when he gets in there.
0.47sPsst! Over here.
2.85sMom, I need a dollar.
3.1sEver since you started teaching here, kids have been taking my lunch money,
2.02sand I need that money for candy.
2.08sAw, here you go, precious.
2.03sNow, go off with your friends.
2.2sHere you go, precious.