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2.8sNoses were picked, pants fell down.
1.33sSo, what changed?
3.94sOnly Fry could say, and he's gone.
2.62sHey. Bender and Leela are back from Pandora.
1.15sHow was it? Awful.
1.95sWe had nothing to say to each other,
3.17sso we had to listen to Bender's Eagles album for 27 hours.
2.44sBeats talking to you, witchy woman.
1.77sALL: Hey, he's back!
1.9sFARNSWORTH: Look at you. LEELA: Hubba hubba.
2.53sYour pants go almost all the way to your ankles.
1.47sGood afternoon, individuals.
1.87sSir, would you mind stepping out of the building?
2.07sNormally, when a cop asks me that,
2.3sI spray whip cream in his eyes and run away,
2.43sbut to ditch these losers, gladly.
1.64sBender, be honest with me.
1.33sAre you planning a big heist?
1.72sUsually, but not at the moment.
4.65sI only ask 'cause the Oracle thinks you're going to pull off a major theft next Thursday.
1.97sNext Thursday, you say?
1.87sPray, continue.
3.15sAre you familiar with this particular location?
2.69sI may have a burgling familiarity with it.