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3.5sWe got it all from behind this prediction-proof glass.
3.47sBut how could you know my prediction was fake?
2.82sI knew something was wrong, but I couldn't put my finger on it.
1.62sThen, it hit me.
4sYou showed Bender sharing the deadly booze with our friends.
1.47sBender would never share.
1.27sThe very idea!
5.47sSo we set up this little charade based on an episode of Speed Buggy.
4.79sWith the added benefit of me and the chief being locked in a small room.
2.94sShall we adjourn to the dungeon?
3.02sWell, I got my shield for stopping Bender.
4.37s(ALL CHEERING) But, then I got fired for tipping off Bender.