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1.5sYeah, baby!
1.94s210 proof.
3.07sFRY: That's all the proof I need.
1.28sPut the bottle back.
1.75sWe both know I won't do that.
1.44sEither you're going to shoot me,
3.72sor I'm going to spray whip cream in your eyes and walk out of here like a big shot.
1.15sBender, no!
2.37sYou don't have to do something just 'cause it's going to happen.
1.85sThe future's making a chump out of you.
3.32sOh, yeah? Well, I'm going to make a chump out of the future.
1.8sI'm not stealing anything!
2.8sYes! I stopped the crime without shooting you.
1.9sThe Oracle was wrong.
1.23sPICKLES: Was I?
1.45sPickles? Yes.
1.72sIt is I, Pickles.
1.53sI set the whole thing up.
4.86sEveryone will think Bender's the thief while I make off with that glorious brew.
1.62sSeriously? Why?
2.82sSo I can kill my human brain cells.