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3.27sGood evening, Principal Skinner, and welcome to our home.
3.39sOh, well, thank you, Bart. I only hope for the next few hours...
2.54syou and I can leave our differences in the schoolyard.
1.83sFine, but just get inside already.
2.04sHe's here.
3.99sWhat are you waiting for ? Get out there and shake your moneymaker.
2.08sUh, I'm too nervous. You do it.
0.23sNo, you do it. No, you do it.
3.23sNo, you do it. No, you do it.
3.59sYou know, Simpson, I had a discomforting thought on the way over here.
3.4sThis dinner wouldn't be a master plan of yours to set me up...
2.17swith some unmarried relation, would it ?
3.47sBecause I can assure that I-- I--
4.41sOh. Oh, be still, my foolish heart.
3.17sHeh-heh-heh. Here we go. Boy meets beast.
3.94sPrincipal Skinner, allow me to introduce you to my wife's lovely...