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1.92sBut that was just an idle promise.
2.7s- Not to me. - Ohh.
4sI want you to find a husband for my sister Selma.
3.45sFind a husband ? Wait. Which one's Selma again ?
3.02sShe's the one who likes Police Academy movies...
4.1sand Hummel figurines and walking through the park on clear autumn days.
4.6sOh, yeah, yeah, yeah. But I thought she was the one that didn't like to be... touched.
2.84sIt's Patty who chose the life of celibacy.
3.14sSelma simply had celibacy thrust upon her. But, Marge--
3.67sHomer, you will find her a man !
2.22sAll right. Okay. And not just any man.
5.51sHe should be honest and caring and well off and handsome.
3.19sHey, why should she have a better husband than you do ?
3.75sSodium tetrasulfate is highly caustic and can remove skin.
3.12sSay when ! Uh, that will do.
3.35sWhat's this stuff for ? It's chiefly used in the manufacture of rayons,
2.44sfilm and as a preservative in fast foods.