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2.7sHey, why'd you lock the door? We're still inside.
3.44sIt's a chance for you to catch up on all the work I'm assigning you now.
2.05sI never worked all night, never.
2.6sAnd I worked at an all-night diner for three years.
1.3sI slept on the grill.
2.28sSee this? It's the bathroom key.
2.8s(GULPS) See you in the morning.
1.4sYou monster!
6.99s(SCREAMING) We placed a compliance chip in the back of your neck during the company physical.
3.94s(LAUGHING) That's it, mister. I am disgruntled.
2.87sAnd up until now, I was relatively gruntled.
2.15sOh, better increase the juice.
3.6sWait. (GRUNTING) I did it. I pulled it out.
9.58sAnd with no brain damage... (STUTTERING REPEATEDLY) Now we'll get all your chips out, go to the police and shut this place down.
2.03sHomer, we took our chips out years ago.
2.3sReally? Then why do you still work here?
4.7sWe've learned to accept the things we cannot change and steal everything that's not nailed down.