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2.24sGreat Wall of Prophecy,
3.49sreveal to us God's will that we may blindly obey.
3.17sFree us from thought and responsibility.
2.35sWe shall read things off you.
1.83sThen do them.
2.59sYour words guide us. We're dumb.
4.09sYou know what else stinks about being a slave? The hours.
4.17sThe prophecy is strange and crudely drawn, at best.
3.32sIt indicates that we are here...
5.07sand our next pharaoh is over there near some... tents.
2.05sThose are weeds, jackass!
3sIt's supposed to be a river!
3.35sHey, I think I know who the next pharaoh is. Oh, Lord.