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3.25sLook at these swanky tombs.
2.6sThese people really know how to die.
0.64sAre you crazy?
3.6sThey worked thousands of people to death to make these stupid monuments.
4.25sHey, you spend your whole life building a guy's toe, you're gonna remember him.
2.74sI think I'm gonna like it here.
4.09sYeah, I noticed your sign. I thought I'd learn a bit about your program here.
1.93sWhat we do is make you starve to death.
2.6sOne, two, three! Pull!
2.72sOne, two, three! Pull!
1.92sAh, bloody chunder!
3.17sPick it up, people. We're enslaved here to do a job!
2.47sMaster, do we have to count to three every time?
4.02sCouldn't we just count to one? Or better yet, one half? Good idea, slave.