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2.84s- That's the only thing about being a slave. - Attention!
2.9sYou are now possessions of the great Pharaoh Hamenthotep,
1.93sheir to the Tenth Dynasty,
2.77sbringer of the good aspects of the annual floods.
3.37sIncredible! This place is just like the ancient Egypt of my day.
1.98sThat is no coincidence,
3.44sfor our people visited your Egypt thousands of years ago.
3.9sI knew it! Insane theories, one. Regular theories, a billion.
2.6sWe learned many things from the mighty Egyptians,
2.62ssuch as pyramid building, space travel...
4.34sand how to prepare our dead so as to scare Abbott and Costello.
3.52sAlso Wolfman.
3.25sLook at these swanky tombs.
2.6sThese people really know how to die.
0.64sAre you crazy?