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2.05sIt's explosive.
2.7sMaybe we could escape by setting fire to the distillery...
2.69sand blowing this whole place to rubble.
3.57sLet's get a little kindling going.
3.45sNo! You can't blow up my monument. I won't be remembered.
3.17sOh, right. How selfish of me.
1.8sWe'll just stay here forever.
4.04sHey, Fry, remember that robot Bender?
2.37sBend-er? Doesn't ring a bell.
1.69sDid you hear something, Leela?
3.72sNo, but I bet it wasn't someone who was good at stealing.
3.45sStop it. Stop it! It's not right! You've crossed a line!
0.49sHey, Leela, you know who I remember?
2.55sOh, please let it be me.
2.17sThat guy who used to bend things. You know.
0.66sMe. Please.
2.22sAll right, all right!
3.8sIf it means that much to you, blow up my statue.
2.94sOh, Bender! When did you come in?
4.02sHold still.