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1.33sWhere you going, Bender?
3.12sTo volunteer at a liquor kitchen for homeless robots.
1.05sYeah, right.
1.93sAs if you ever did anything charitable.
0.85sI'm very generous.
2.35sWhat about that time I gave blood?
0.67sWhose blood?
1.58sSome guy's.
3.6sI've got to do something to show Leela how sorry I am.
1.47sSo what's the problem?
3.9sSimply get down on your claws and do the apology dance.
2.47sSo it's left, left, right... Wait!
1.5sI have a better idea.
2.44sI'll go out and get her the perfect Xmas present--
3.09sSomething so great, she'll never want to be unhappy again.
1.93sjust be back by sundown, mon.
2.2sWe'll see. I like to haggle.
1.92sYou can't stay out on Xmas eve.
0.75sYou'll be killed.
0.88sSay what?
1.07sGood Lord!
2.19sHe doesn't know about Santa Claus.
2.62sI know about Santa Claus.
2.47sBack in 2801, the Friendly Robot Company